Reverse Engineering Android APK

Vicious… yes!


You’ve downloaded an APK somewhere and you want to extract images, xml and source. For simplicity we work with appname.apk



Extract images and xml:

  1. Launch from command line apktool passing appname.apk as first argument, then
  2. appname folder will be created and there you can find xml files and images.

Extract sources:

  1. Rename appname.apk in, open it with your favorite archive manager, and extract the classes.dex file.
  2. In order to avoid path problem, I advice you  to copy the classes.dex file in dex2jar-* folder.
  3. Depending your operating system, launch from command line related dex2jar script passing classes.dex as first argument.
  4. Then, you’ll find the executable jar file classes_dex2jar.jar in the same directory.
  5. Open it with jd-gui and good luck!

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